SnowEx Snow Plows

Straight Blade
From Heavy-Duty snow plows with angled power ribs and massive quad design, to Regular-Duty and Light Truck plows engineered with stronger lighter high-strength steel to meet your vehicle weight ratings, SnowEx® has a straight blade just right for you.
Hinged Blade
Choose between POWER PLOW™ snow plow models with hydraulically controlled wings, and the SPEEDWING™ plows with wings that automatically adjust as the plow is angled, to carry more snow and get the job done in fewer passes.
SnowEx offers professional-grade V-plows for use with pickup trucks for primary plowing applications, as well as a compact UTV model for maintaining sidewalks and other tight locations.
When you maximize your snow-moving performance with a skid steer, the POWER PUSHER™ heavy-duty box plows are the answer. Delivering up to nine yards of snow-carrying capacity with every push, the POWER PUSHER™ box plows get the biggest jobs done in no time.
Personal Use
The SnowEx line of Light Truck snow plows are designed for compact pick-up trucks and SUVs, so you get all the benefits of big plow performance in a package designed specifically for your lighter vehicle weight requirements.
1/2-Ton Truck
If you’re looking to get more out of your half-ton truck, a SnowEx Regular-Duty snow plow is the perfect tool for personal plowing and light-duty commercial jobs, delivering superior snow plowing performance with less stress on your truck.
Heavy Duty
Built for 3/4 and 1 Ton Trucks, the SnowEx line of line of Heavy-Duty snow plows are built tough with angled power ribs and massive quad design for superior strength and durability, for serious snow moving productivity.
Make quick work of snow removal from sidewalks and other compact locations with a V-plow specifically designed for use with a wide variety of utility vehicles.
Skid Steer
To meet a wide variety of skid steer snow plowing applications, choose between the Heavy-Duty, SPEEDWING™ and POWER PUSHER™ snow plows. All offer fast and easy hook-up to get you on and off the job.