SnowEx Sand/Salt Spreaders

Truck Bed
With capacities from 0.5 to 6.0 cubic yards, these proven performers feature direct drive auger transmission and independent spinner control for precise, even material distribution. With a variety of innovative performance features, the Pro-Series hopper spreaders are designed for maximum efficiency.
Turn your utility vehicle into an ice control master with a spreader designed specifically to fit the bed of most UTVs.
SnowEx® offers a wide variety of tailgate spreader options, from compact wireless utility vehicle models to large capacity sand and salt handling tailgate spreader models, and everything in between. Choose from a variety of power and mounting options to meet your unique ice control needs.
Choose between a compact ground-drive salt spreader, and the 1.5 cu yd dual electric towable sand and salt spreader. Both Tow Pro™ spreaders are designed to efficiently tackle a wide variety of specialty applications.
These walk-behind drop spreaders and broadcast spreaders are built with features the pros demand, like a powder coated steel frame, pneumatic tires, and a sturdy polyethylene hopper, to deliver years of reliable trouble-free salt-spreading performance.
Dump Box
Combine the efficiency and performance of a SnowEx auger and spinner spreader system with your dump body to create a high-capacity spreading machine. Choose between Under Tailgate and Replaceable Tailgate models.